Swedish edition published by EPIX, compilation in Hungarian

Swedish edition of her book

To be officially released during SPX 2011 in Stockholm, the publisher too the liberty of making contact to change the cover and the title, ‘When Mommy Burned God.’ EPIX has a long and large history in the Swedish comics scene.

Hungarian compilation

Last weekend was the release of the Hungarian edition of a compilation of works preceding ‘We Are On Our Own.’ Interesting that some of the stories in this book were experienced in Hungarian, written in English and then translated back into Hungarian.

Monger Hajnalka and the JOHEJ
Ilan flew over from Berlin for the comics festival in Budapest to do a presentation and in attendance as Monger Hajnalka, a student of the University in Pecs Hungary. She got in touch a year ago, asking for some info about the book as she decided to base her BA on the subject of “We Are On Our Own”. She did the work from the German translation while her supervisor knew only English and she had trouble getting the English version. This led to a year of communication, questions, answers. Little did I realize the high demands of the “Pecsi Tudomanyegyetem Bolcseszeti Kar”. So, I was totally balled over receiving this 62 page 12/8 1/2 hard cover book with pictures, illustrations (colored too) references etc, he result of her thorough and brilliant study.