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A Certain Hunger
Original work created for Drawn & Quarterly’s 25th Anniversary volume.
A nine page story about the 1965 blackout in New York.
Publisher: Drawn & Quarterly

Sins of Old Age 1
Sins of Old Age 2
Two page comic, 2015
Publisher: Art Review
Editor: Paul Gravett

Hungarian Compilation
Six short works translated to Hungarian 2011.
Editor: Bayer Antal

A short geography of undocumented kisses
No-Retornable no. 6, 2010.

Rosenkavalier 67
Kus! no. 7, 2010.

Back cover illustration
Rosetta, a comic anthology, vol. 1/2002.
Editor: Ng Suat Tong

We Are On Our Own
The story of a mother and her daughter’s survival in WW2. Graphic novel.
Drawn & Quarterly, 2006

Eucalyptus Nights
Romance and prejudice in the Israeli Army in the 1960’s.
Guilt & Pleasure, 2006

Curried Away
The Story of a Sari.
First City, New Delhi’s City Magazine, 2007

In Plain Sight
Two Jewish sisters living through WW2 in Budapest.
World Literature Today, 2007

Live Broadcast
A group of soldiers in Israel are listening to the Eichmann Trial.
Beaux Arts Editions, La Bande Dessinee, 2009

The way we must live
Questions about the past haunt the daily lives of WW2 survivors.
Elogio de la palabra, 2007.
Testimonios recogidos y editados por I.E.S. Albero 20 Anos.
Editor: Juan Antonio Munoz Andarte

Petite Cousine Et Grande Historie
(A political simpleton sincerely yours.)
A retired couple’s personal view of Obama’s campaign and election.
Le Tour Du Monde En Bande Dessinee vol. 1.
Delcourt, 2008.
Editor: Vincent Berniere

Bronka, Yonkey, Tzila, Dolek, Shabbetay, Katz and McNamara
Love and romance, long ago and far away still light fire in the loins of some old fighters.
Rosetta, Vol. 2/2003
Alternative Comics

A meditation on the life and works of Caspar David Friedrich as inspired by the paintings of Friedrich and the writer Orhan Pamuk.
Written by Ng Suat Tong.
Rosetta, vol. 2/2003
Alternative Comics

The Ring of Meryem
Past, present, history and first love rule the romantic soul of a young girl in a beloved city.
In Search Of Monkeysuit, vol. 4/2003

The Seven Sweet Spoonfuls of Understanding
For a while, spoonfuls of sweetness ease the frightening realities in the life of a small child.
Rosetta, vol. 1/2001
Alternative Comics

A greedy, ambitious preadolescent girl is suddenly facing the reality of a nasty grownup world.
Viva La Monkeysuit, vol. 3/2001

Oh To Celebrate!
Expecting the worst, a Jewish family is planning their escape during the 1956 Hungarian uprising.
Drawn & Quarterly, vol. 4/2001
(Eisner Award Nominee in short story category)

Mittel Europa Rerun
A small girl is trying to understand the mysteries of life around her in post-WWII Budapest.
The Bride of Monkeysuit, vol. 2/2000

Work also included in:

Best American Comics 2007
Editor: Chris Ware
Houghton Mifflin Company

The Rough Guide to Graphic Novels 2008
Editor: Danny Fingeroth
RoughGuides/The Penguin Group

Character Design for Graphic Novels
By Steven Withrow and Alexander Danner
Rotovosion SA, 2007

Jews And American Comics
Editor: Paul Buhle
The New Press, 2008

The Jewish Graphic Novel / Critical approach
Editors: Samantha Baskind and Ranen Omer-Sherman
Rutgers University Press, 2008