Miami Book Fair

Miami Book Fair 2003
Next weekend my Mom will be at the International Miami Book Fair. Along with book signing she will partake in a panel entitled ‘Graphic Details: Confessional‘ along with some other great artists, one of whom I had not realized worked in the Graphic Novel format, Vanessa Davis, as she occasionally appears on The Daily Show with John Stewart with bitingly witty commentary.

***Update… I was totally wrong about that. Upparently she has a doppleganger.***

Here are the details for the time and location of the panel:

Miami Book Fair International * Miami Dade College
300 NE Second Ave., Miami, FL 33132
Centre Gallery (Building 1, 3rd Floor, Room 1365)

If you are already in Miami getting there should not be such a stretch, and if you are an avid fan of my Mom, graphic novels in general and need a break from the cold then this book fair is sure to warm body, from brains to bones.