Live drawing at MoCCA 2014

MOCCA 2014
Last weekend my Mom was invited by Bill Kartalapoulos, director of programming for MoCCA, to perform a live drawing set. This is a first for New York (from first hand experience it is quite common in Europe).
For the occasion a group from Finland called Comics In Concert comprised of Ville Ranta (a visual artist), Aleksi Ranta (his brother who plays guitar and Nico Kumpavaara, provided musical backing for Scott Campbell and my Mom. Drawings were improvised on the spot to the music. Later they were joined by saxophonist Time Ries who added a fiery klezmer element.
MOCCA 2014
My Mom was skeptical about this, but discovered she really had a talent for it. Probably a result of being married to a musician for so many years.

This all took place at the Lexington Avenue Armory. Check out those murals in the background!

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