Late Singapore Report

A month passed since the SWF Singapore Writers Festival and it is time to move on.
Still, before I let go, here are a few images of this great annual International happening.
My impression of the city is: Comfort, Culture and Cleanliness. Not bad.

The festival is held in the old Colonial government buildings, all of them are now housing museums, theaters and cultural events.

Old and new, way back there our hotel towering above all.

My host Lim Cheng Tju who’s idea was to invite me.
Lim Cheng Tju writes about history and popular culture in Singapore.
With us was Indonesian graphic novelist Tita Larasati. Her beautiful
autobiographical diary like work is a must see.

Here, in panel with the 2014 Pulitzer Price Winner poet Vijay Seshadri.

With artist Troy Chin author of The Resident Tourist discussing Visual Storytelling: Autobiography. The moderator, graphic artist and literary critic, Gwee Li Sui.

It was also nice to catch up with my friend Suat Ng Tong who has written reviews for The Comics Journal since 1993 and was the editor of the Eisner and Harvey nominated Rosetta anthologies. Here at dinner with his wife May Ling.

It was all in a gentle genteel vein.